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Bathtub Lifts

A bath lift is often preferable to a shower (and shower seat) because it offers you the muscle relaxing benefits that a soak in the bath has to offer.

Bath lifts are also often a preferred option over a walk in bath because the nature of such a bath is that you would need to get in when empty and wait for it to fill up. You then need to wait until the water has drained away before opening the door to exit the bath. This can cause discomfort as the user may get cold during either waiting period. The installation of these units may also be quite disruptive and could leave your bathroom in need of redecoration.

Your bath lift would be placed in the bath before the water goes in, the water is then added and you get in the bath once the water is at the desired temperature. You do not need to wait until you have emptied the bath to get out.

Bath lifts do not require a skilled installation - they can be taken in and out of the bath to leave it clear for other users.


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