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Quintet Glucose Meter
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Quintet Glucose Meter


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The QUINTET glucose meter offer precision test results time after time. For accurate results, use the QUINTET meter to monitor blood glucose levels. It is a great for personal use in the home and it's a helpful tool for long-term caregivers. The QUINTET meter offers quality personalized results for multiple patients. Plus, it requires a minimal blood sample putting patient comfort first. The Quintet delivers fast results in under 5 seconds.

    The QUINTET meter is great for healthcare professionals. It offers personalized care to multiple patients with its test accuracy, data management, and regulatory compliance.
    Time and date displayed on screen for convenience and record keeping
    Provides fast and accurate results in 5 seconds
    Miniscule blood sample: .6uL
    Provides 1, 7, 14, and 30 day test averages
    Range = 20-600 mg/dL
    Noble metal electrodes ensures precision tests even after repeated use
    High and low test controls
    300 test memory
    Display screen is large for easy to read results
    Runs on AAA batteries

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