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Heavy Duty Wheelchair Monthly Rental
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Heavy Duty Wheelchair Monthly Rental


Item #: MMC-371

Manufacturer: Revolution

1) Renter agrees to pay for rental in accordance with the terms listed above and will be liable for additional rental payments in accordance with store rental policy if the rental item is not returned on the date indicated above.  Renter agrees to leave a deposit method for any charges occurred for late fees or damaged equipment.

2) Renter agrees to return the unit in the same condition as when it was rented except what would be considered normal wear and tear.  The cost of any repair or clean-up of the unit will be deducted from renters deposit and/or do at the time of return.
(a) LIFT CHAIRS: Any damage outside of normal wear and tear (i.e. stains, tears, electrical damage, broken frame) will incur a $400.00 fee.
(b) BATH EQUIPMENT: Must be clean and dry at time of return. Returns of bath equipment that is wet and or dirty will incur a $10.00 cleaning charge.   When returning a commode, do NOT return the bucket,  as that is not a returnable item.

3) Renter assumes all liability for the proper use of the chair and holds Peaks and Plains Medical or associated companies harmless from any unsafe use of the item by renter.

4) Renter understands that the rental item is for the express single use of the patient or resident for whom it is rented and may not be loaned or used by others.

5) Renter agrees that he/she will be responsible for any costs to Peaks and Plains Medical may incur in collecting past due amounts owed for rental of this unit.

6) Renter understands there will be no proration for early rental returns, no in store credits or cash back.

7) If you decide to purchase any rental equipment (if it is available for purchase), the amount of your rental does not go towards the purchase and any rental amounts occurred must be paid in full prior to the purchase of the equipment.

8) All rentals are due back on the date stated by 5:00 pm, at the store location on 13524 E. Sprague Ave. If it is not returned you will be billed for an additional month. This amount will not be refunded or credited.  We will not pick up or deliver rental lift chairs on the weekends.

9) To make changes on your rental you must call 509-927-0991 during business hours; Monday thru Friday 9 am - 5:30 pm.  Rental changes must be made prior to the due date and time listed.

**Requires a deposit**


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