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Helper Lift- Inflatable
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Helper Lift- Inflatable


Item #: The Helper Lift

Manufacturer: The Helper Lift Co.

Spec's, Features, and Benefits

Lift a Fallen Person or PatientThe Helper is an inflatable mattress designed to lift a person from the floor after a fall. It helps reduce back injury caused by improper lifting techniques and increased medical costs due to avoidable injuries to you and the patient.

If an individual is found on the floor or falls to the floor during an activity of daily living, the Helper provides a safe alternative to expensive equipment or emergency / ambulance services. It lifts the individual to a position from which they can be transferred easily.

The unique design of the Helper enables a home health assistant, family member or supportive living assistant, with limited assistance and effort to move a stricken patient from the floor.


  • Inflates in Just 3 Minutes
  • Inflated Height:15.5"
  • Total weight of the Helper is 22"
  • Comes Complete with carrying container and takes up very little space to store.

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